The Location Station

Need to do local marketing better? Dave Eddy interviews a range of clever marketers and business owners to bring you all the latest and most effective tactics and technologies for location-based business growth.

This podcast is also about helping traditional businesses adapt and innovate with the power of technology and social media. The Location Station Podcast is for small and medium sized company owners, multi-location brand marketers + anybody who wants to grow their share in localised markets (Online AND offline). From dentists to airports, plumbers to shopping malls, if location is important to your customers, this is the marketing podcast for you. Here are some of the fantastic guests we have interviewed so far: Microsoft’s search marketing expert Purna Virji, Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute founder Paul Roetzer, Leading Facebook marketing expert Jon Loomer, Adam Franklin, social media speaker and author of Web Marketing That Works, ex-Facebook and Twitter employee / brand storyteller and author Nick Bowditch, David Jenyns, author of Authority Content, Mike Rosenbaum, Deals Direct founder and sharing economy innovator Spacer, Guy Marion, the CMO of marketing automation platform Autopilot. The tone of the Location Station podcast is a bit irreverent, cheeky and fun, but above all – informative and useful (I hope!) Sometimes we get a bit nerdy and dive into some technical marketing speak, but I try to keep the topics easy to understand so you can actually go and implement the stuff we learn from our guests. Some of the location-based marketing strategies and stories we cover include: Location-based marketing technology, Facebook Ads for Localised Engagement, Local SEO and link building, Digital analytics, call tracking and reporting, Google Adwords Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing, Database marketing and automation, Business Websites and User Experience Design, Beacon technology for local marketing, Artificial Intelligence for Local Marketing, Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality for marketing, Joint Ventures and Business Partnerships, Blogging and podcasting for local business, Online reputation management and reviews, Local marketing strategy, Business storytelling, branding and design, Content marketing and storytelling, Peer-to-Peer / Sharing Economy Marketplace Marketing, Drone technology for marketers, Local business online video marketing, Digital Marketing for Local Retailers, Customer service “hacks”, Local franchise marketing, Social media advertising and contests, Direct mail lead generation, Local display advertising and retargeting, Mobile marketing, advertising and SEO, Local business growth hacking and guerrilla marketing, Marketing tools and apps, Offshoring your marketing team, Reviews and reputation management, Local online marketing for franchises and corporate brands, Lead aggregators, directories and classifieds marketing, Instagram marketing for local businesses, Pinterest marketing for local businesses, Snapchat marketing for local businesses, Loyalty programs and many more… We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast and share it with anybody who could do with some marketing help. If you’ve listened and enjoyed the content, please leave us a review to help more people discover the podcast! Got a topic or story you’d like us to cover on the show? Email your idea to us at Thanks for listening! 🙂 P.S. To keep updated with occasional updates, free resources and a whole heap of other fun stuff make sure you subscribe at

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